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T​he electronic submission

It’s easy. Just click on ‘click here’ – and the system will take you to our online registration for the conference. Once you have put in a few details so that we can get in touch with you, you will receive a confirmation email to your chosen email address. Please open this confirmation email (and keep it, as it contains your username = your email and your password, in case you forget it later).

With your email address and your password, you, then, can log in here in our electronic abstract submission system.


Please note when you enter your proposal:

First, enter the full title of your proposal, then indicate whether it is a short communication or a paper for a workshop. Please note that the system calls workshops 'symposia'.


For a Workshop proposal, please use the same procedure to provide a summary of the workshop, with paper titles if possible.

Names and affiliations of presenters are entered on the next page.

Once your abstract is submitted, it goes into the peer review process (see the dates for feedback under ‘conference’).



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