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The I.A.P.S. also seeks to create contacts and mutual communication among persons qualified in patristic research.

The I.A.P.S. also strives to obtain for its members precise information regarding work planned or in progress by individuals or in different research centres, and to communicate such information through an annual Bulletin and a Directory of members (of which
there are currently more than 600).

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Peeters is an international publishing house based in Leuven/Louvain, Belgium and established in 1857. It has since published some 4000 titles while each year about 150 new titles and 60 journals appear, both in print and online. Peeters was set up to serve the academic world by printing and publishing books in English, French, German and Dutch. Its major publication list contains books in theology, philosophy, ethics, classical studies, archaeology, history of art, medieval studies, oriental studies, linguistics and literature. Peeters really contributes to the advancement of scholarship using its excellent network of scholarly relations throughout the academic world. Peeters publishes original research as well as bibliographic data, reviews and reference material. It is standard practice for each publication to be supervised by an editorial board which ensures high quality standards, based on independent reports. Throughout its history Peeters has been closely associated with printing and has always been known for its high professional quality and its very broad range of fonts.

Since 1984 (Vol. 15), Peeters is publishing the Conference proceedings in the series Studia Patristica and supports the Conference in this and many other ways.


The North American Patristics Society is a scholarly organization dedicated to the study of the history, literature, and theology of ancient Christianity. Founded in 1970, the Society welcomes a diversity of disciplinary and methodological approaches and invites the participation of scholars at all stages of their careers; NAPS boasts a large and active graduate student membership.  Among the Society’s major activities are the sponsorship of an annual conference in Chicago, Illinois, and the publication of The Journal of Early Christian Studies. Membership in NAPS includes a subscription to the journal.

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