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We are delighted to make the following announcement: The Chair Augustine of Hippo at KU Leuven in Belgium will be awarding five scholarships worth 1000 euros each to assist junior researchers to participate in the upcoming Patristic Conference in Oxford in August 2024. These scholarships will be exclusively available to (1) non-tenured scholars who are in the nascent stages of their careers and do not possess any institutional backing for attending the conference, (2) those who are engaged in research on Augustine of Hippo and his immediate reception, and (3) whose abstracts have been formally accepted by the conference organizers.

To apply for this scholarship, eligible candidates must email their application to the chair holder, Professor Anthony Dupont (, within one month of receiving the formal acceptance of their abstract. The application must include the accepted abstract (on Augustine or his direct reception), a brief CV of no more than half a page, and a concise statement confirming that no other financial support for conference attendance is available (this scholarship is non-cumulative with other scholarships for the same conference). The scholarship award will be distributed subsequent to the candidate’s active involvement and attendance at the conference.



We are delighted to announce the availability of two “Cornelia de Vogel Scholarships” of 1000 euro. Cornelia Johanna de Vogel was a renowned Dutch philosopher and theologian who served as the ordinary professor of the history of ancient and medieval philosophy at Utrecht University in 1947, and later, as the ordinary professor of the philosophy of classical antiquity and early Christian philosophy in 1968. In 1986, the Prof Dr C.J. Vogel Foundation was established in Utrecht with the aim of promoting research in the philosophy of classical antiquity.

The two “Cornelia de Vogel Scholarships” are designed for junior scholars who are pursuing their PhD or postdoctoral studies, who lack the financial means to attend the Oxford Congress and whose abstracts are formally accepted by the conference organizers. Eligible candidates should send their approved abstracts, along with a short CV (maximum 1 page) and a statement of their unavailability of congress funds, to Professor Carlos Steel, the President of the C.J. Vogel Foundation, at  within one month of the official abstract acceptance. Preference will be given to abstracts that focus on the intersection of early Christian thought and ancient philosophy. This scholarship cannot be combined with any other scholarship, and will be paid after active participation to the conference.

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